Who is WSA’s uniform vendor?

Uniforms, replacement pieces and other apparel for Westlake Soccer Association’s Travel Program are provided by Un1tus.

How do players order a travel uniform kit?

To streamline the ordering process, items can be ordered directly through Un1tus via the online store: WSA’s online store

What items do I need to order? 

The standard WSA travel kit contains the pieces listed below.

*Check with your coach to confirm your team requires all the above pieces and to secure a uniform number.

How is the travel soccer uniform kit paid for? 

Each player will purchase his/her travel soccer uniform kit directly from Un1tus.

When can we place our uniform kit order? 

Once tryouts are completed and your team is set, your coach will notify you when to order. After hearing from your coach, please place your order as soon as possible to ensure that uniforms are ready for game day.

What number can I choose? 

Uniform numbers are required at the time an order is placed. Please obtain a number from your coach. Coaches will make every effort to give players their first choice of number.

Is Westlake Soccer Association making any money from uniform or apparel sales? 

No. WSA negotiated the best possible pricing and the cost savings are passed on to our players. There is no mark-up, rebate or kickback that WSA will receive from uniform or apparel sales.

Additional Apparel

Additional merchandise such as warm-up jackets, pants, backpacks, hoodies, and headbands are available from Un1tus here.

Who can I contact for more information? 

WSA Uniforms Coordinator