WSA Parent Code of Conduct

Here are a few things to remember to help you make this season your player’s best yet:

  • Attendance at practice is expected. If your player cannot make it to practice, communicate with their coach as soon as possible so they may adjust their plan.
  • Remember that in practice and games, your player is developing skills to take to their next soccer experience. Lose, win, or draw, they will come away from games and the season with more fitness, knowledge, and experience than if they hadn’t participated.
  • Your player is part of a TEAM. Please encourage them to work as a UNIT.
  • You represent the Westlake Soccer Association. Make yourself and everyone proud of you by being a good sport. Always cheer for your player’s team. Never call out a player’s mistake. Never coach from the sidelines or back-talk coaches or referees. WSA has zero tolerance for verbal or physical abuse of others.
  • WSA coaches and assistants are expected to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect and, therefore, must share with the proper authorities any information regarding the same that is divulged to them by players.
  • Ensure your player plays a clean game. No foul play.
  • Talk and ask questions with your player’s coach about practice and match concerns but encourage your player to do their best to do so FIRST.
  • Follow the communication chain of command: Seek your player’s coach first, then WSA’s President, to discuss concerns.
  • If you have questions or feedback for your player’s coach, please wait 24 hours before contacting them.
  • Ensure proper nutrition and rest for your player to be at their best. The travel season is tiring for them!
    Time Commitment

Travel Players are expected to play games during the weekend and participate in practice sessions during the week. Typically, most teams hold two practices per week. Games are held primarily on Sunday afternoons. Game opponents will be made up of other travel teams throughout the area.


Parents are expected to fulfill all needed volunteer spots if their child’s team participates in the Westlake Invitational Soccer Tournament. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer with the Westlake Soccer Association.

Fees – What’s Included

WSA charges an individual player fee for travel soccer. The fee covers team registrations, player passes, player insurance, referees, equipment, field usage fees, coaching education and training, the WSA website, tournament registrations, and other program costs. The WSA Board of Directors sets the fee before each season, which must be paid in full. The fee does not include uniforms.

As an organization committed to teaching youth soccer, the Westlake Soccer Association (WSA) seeks to promote the highest standards of courtesy, sportsmanship, and positive behavior among its families. Parents of all participating players are expected to demonstrate the principles in this Code of Conduct while engaging in activities related to the Westlake Soccer Association.

Team & Player Support

Understand team schedules and obligations. Have your child at the field at the expected time.

Ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for each game and training.

Inform your child’s coach promptly when school, family, or other obligations will prevent your child from attending practices or other team activities or the need to arrive late or leave early.

Discuss individual player concerns privately with your coach. Wait 24 hours after any WSA event to approach a coach.

Sportsmanship & Personal Conduct

Set a good example by modeling the highest standard of sportsmanship.

Cheer positively. Negative criticism toward your child or other players, coaches, or referees will not be tolerated.

Do not give instructions nor attempt to coach from the parents’ sidelines. Parents’ instructions can be confusing and contrary to the coach’s instructions. Your player is trying their hardest on the field, and they hear many voices simultaneously. The most crucial voice they need to hear is their coach’s voice. It becomes very confusing for your child while listening to YOUR voice and the voice of the coach. Too many “coaches” causes confusion, likely resulting in a decline in their performance. The coach reserves the right to pull your player from the field if they feel it is appropriate to do so due to too much ‘coaching.’

Show respect and courtesy to match officials. Do not verbally criticize the decisions of referees or assistant referees. Referees are an easy target for anger and frustration. Sometimes they make good calls, and sometimes they make bad calls. This is part of the sport. If you criticize the refs for the result of a game, you’re teaching your child to blame someone else when things go wrong.

Show respect and courtesy to WSA, coaches, players, opposing players, volunteers, and parents.

Do not use profane or abusive language during any club event.

Allow the coach to coach, the referee to officiate, and the players to play the game. This sportsmanship and personal conduct provision applies to in-person and electronic/social media interactions.

Club & League Policies

Observe the rules and policies of the Westlake Soccer Association and all affiliated leagues and tournaments.

Pay association and team fees in accordance with the required payment schedules.

Show respect for club playing fields and facilities.

Provide volunteer support for team and tournament activities.

When concerns arise regarding your child’s coach or with club rules or policies, please promptly bring them to the attention of the Director of Coaching, President, or Board of Trustees.

Behavioral Expectations

Parents are expected to adhere to the highest standards of conduct when attending or participating in any WSA event, including but not limited to games, scrimmages, training, tournaments, and travel.

Any of the following behaviors will not be tolerated and may be grounds for removal of a parent from an event or WSA:

  • Possession or use of any illegal substance at any club event.
  • Engagement in illegal activity at any club event.
  • Failure to meet any of the above-listed responsibilities after notification of the same.
  • Cause or attempt to cause injury to or abuse any member of the club or their opponents.