October 10th, 2023

  1. I. Review/Approval of September Minutes

Motion to approved, 2nd, approved

  1. Finance: Christian Giardini

-WSA family had death in the family, can we provide something of sentiment. Sarah runs “outreach” – Christian will reach out to see what we can do.

  • Budget Review Hired a new CPA for the Association
  • Christian sent out most recent balance sheet – resending – file was not able to be opened by all
  • Net Revenue – $35,000
  • Have moved additional funds to savings, yielding ~$800/month in interest
  • III. U8 Academy & Futsal: Mark Purcell

● U8 Academy

Dan Obrien – describe the program, transition from rec to travel


– Open door Nov through tryouts in June – join any time

– Develop a skillset, foundational skill set

– Positive experience for the players with pro-coach Development Director

– Identify and help train parent volunteer coaches – coach development

– Do their best to convey the goals to the parents of the players

Kate Shank – WHS Ladies JV assistant, North FC Coach, US Soccer – D license

– has always been a developmental coach, working on promoting players

– builds fundamentals, then builds upon game situations later

U8 Market and Communications update

– Email Campaigns

– End of Rec Program Cinch Bag Flyers – Direct Marketing to Rec Parents – SocctoberFest – Set up a stand and pass out flyers

Shirt, Socks (WSA socks from storage), Cinch bags – welcome pack

● Futsal

Futsal Dates established: Session 1: 11/5 – 1/14

Session 2: 1/21 – 3/10

Link went live today

2 north coaches / session and 2 high school players

– Email Campaigns

– End of Rec Cinch Bag flyers

Need 72 total enrollments / session to pay for coaching partnership

Will limit each hour in order to have meaningful coaching with each player

60 kids for first hour

40 kids for second hour

40 kids for third hour

Will try to split court assignment by skill level, less strict on age this year. The skill gap was sometimes prohibitive for development when adhering strictly to birth year. A mix of travel players, rec players, first time enrollees.

Should highlight professional training in communications.

Board member enrollment – may not allow for free enrollment, but perhaps in trade for volunteerism and/or discount.

Should communicate options for teams entering futsal league – either T3 (north) or Great Lakes (Ottos)

We need to bring a first aid kit

Futsal Market and Communications

  1. Continuation of Discussion: Additional Tournament paid by WSA – will table until fall numbers come in – table until November or January

Proposals for Consideration:

1.) No change

2.) Cover one additional tournament per 12-month year per team, with the requirement that they also go to the Dublin tournament.

3.) Cover one additional tournament per 12-month year per team, without the requirement that they go to Dublin.

Could provide up to 500 training x2, 100 x2 team budget, 1000/tournament – $2200/year/team

  1. V. Fields & Facilities: Larry Wolf
  1. VI. Travel Program: Keith Allen and Sarah Eckel

Travel – wrapping up

Trainer invoices – must use the invoicing system

$100 allowance – nothing yet submitted.

Coaching Gear – working on a different process – will outline a different process for gear collection, instead of having coaches return each season. — we should revisit this – to turning over as a coach and a sign-off – you can only get replacement with broken gear returned.

End of Season – Boys teams are doing great – top to middle placement

Keith will send out important dates – 10/23 – last day for enter scores, 10/26 Fall Final Standings, 12/1 – last trophy reimbursement

VIII. Rec Program: Drew Maxfield

● Status update – Rec Coaches completing all Coaching requirements: Background Check, Lindsay’s Law, Concussion Protocol, Code of Conduct – Larry Wolf

Status – some are complete, some are having issues getting things completed. We are approaching the end of the season now.

We will not stress this is done for Fall. We will stress the importance of this for Spring. – plan earlier, start ASAP.

  1. ● Status update Socctober Fest at the Rec • Socctober Fest – will be at the Rec, not at the Force – 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th — Micro, Prek, and K – will play as normal
  2. • 4 v 4 tournament – instead of 3 v 3.
  3. • Will need 2 more fields.
  4. • No back up for inclement weather 10/28
  5. • Pass out – candy bags, extra medals and trophies for champions.
  6. • Photo backdrop set up
  7. • U8 Academy – Set up a table, include flyers in bags – Volunteers expressed interest at the meeting: Kate Shank, Adam Mast, Nate Fischer

● General updates

Half way through this season

Record numbers since COVID – 430+ kids

Invested in new coach bags

Jersey re-orders for spring are ordered

Using training plans from John – all were combined and sent out to coaches in a file

Parent was ejected – field map has been updated to show players side and parents side – note was also sent out to all coaches re-sent rules, code of conduct

Will request Joanna to send to parents a reminder of the code of conduct to all Rec

IX. Special Programming: Karen Szytec

● Strength & Agility and Goalie training

● Uniforms

● General updates

U8 acadmeny shirts ordered, picked up

Ref shirts are ordered for rec

Xsmall – rec jerseys are ordered

Unitus – all their inventory is ordered and Karen will manage loaner program

Cinch bags for Rec – is in transit to Karen, will give to Drew

X. Marketing & Comms: Joanna DeChellis

● Need Futsal flyers – for distribution at schools ASAP

● Need U8 Academy flyers for Socctober Fest

XI. Parking Lot items: