Tuesday November 14, 2023

I. Review/Approval of October Minutes

  • Motioned, 2nd, Unanimously Approved

Unresolved items from October

  • Balance Sheets – most were unable to open the file sent prior to October meeting.

All can now view the balance sheets,

$35 – 40k/year net is typical, year over year.

Please review at each board member’s convenience and address any outstanding questions to Christian and Brad Hall

– categorization will be better this year / going forward.

– review and point out if any obvious discrepancies.

Capital Committee formed – Christian Giardini, Allan Duffy, Joanna DeChellis, Dan O’Brien, Larry Wolf. – Will be working towards proposals for capital investments for future presentation / votes

  • • Coaching Geer turn-in: Discussed revisiting the plan to have all coaches turn in all gear at the end of each season and pick up before the beginning of each season.

Proposed, Motioned, 2nd, Approved.

-Sign out gear when beginning as a coach, with acknowledgement that all gear

must be returned at such time that a coach is turning over and no longer continuing to coach a team.

-Replacement of broken items will only be granted, if broken item is returned.

-Lost Item – handled on individual basis

-First Aid Kit – restocked by inventory, as needed. – part of Simones inventory; add Ice Crack packs

Simone will inventory and follow up with Head Coaches, inventory what needs purchased. — avoid over purchasing items.

Coaches Quick Link –has coaches gear list.

Create a Field Box inventory list – to make sure they are stocked.

II. U8 Academy & Futsal: Kate Shank and Mark Purcell

  • • U8 – Kate, unable to attend.

Most recent enrollment: Girls: ~19 girls, Boys: ~11

  • • Futsal – Mark

-Registration: 82 paid, 9 board

-Expenses: Rec $2000, North $2400, Student Coaches – $960

Student Volunteer / Coaches – could now set up on their own.

Mark cannot be there – 12/3 – need a volunteer.

Feedback so far: Enjoy structure and coaching having North FC and training.

Mark – would like to put together sponsoring a team or two from Westlake in a Tournament — however, no one in attendance knows of a tournament.

Heart and Soul Academy is hosted at the YMCA – potential tournament?

Can we organize full teams (travel teams) futsal matches – 7-8p? – from previous conversations, it seemed as if the Rec was open for Futsal use as late as we wanted to go and is staffed with custodial staff the entire time.

III. Travel Program: Keith Allen and Sarah Eckel


  • • One outstanding parent issue. Incident occurred this fall new coaches let a parent coach (when they could not attend) and the parent was ejected. Also, parent who filled in and swore at a player. – Issue that is outstanding – refunding the family that was impacted.

Outstanding – we have not spoke to the family (multiple attempts), refunded. Dan will double check that they were refunded both for the fall and the spring. – They should be refunded in total. – Dan thinks they were but will double check.

  • • Upcoming Items: Spring Team declarations – March
  • • Topic for Conversation at January Board Meeting – Team Rostering / Bracketing Conversation – How to most effectively manager our team registration and bracketing requests, while balancing and complying to the new process/request for info from OHTSL.

IV. Rec Program: Drew Maxfield

  • • Closing Rec Fall 2023 Season

-Coaches equipment bags have all been returned.

-Candy and Cinch bags passed out on the last day – big hit with players

  • • Concern raised:

U8 Academy will impact Coaching this spring, – will lose about 7 rec coaches for the spring, due to their children being enrolled in U8 Academy (roll into U8 or won’t have a child enrolled in Rec). We will likely be short on coaches for Spring ’24.

To help to prepare / gain more coaching we will:

– Spring Rec Enrollment: make registration link live ASAP – we can start getting an idea of coach volunteers as well.

– Also, by making the enrollment link live sooner, get our coaches lined up sooner: we can work towards effectively manager rec coaches – being background, Lindsay law, SafeSport – before the start of spring season.

– Contingent Plan Proposal: Can Upperclassman WHS Soccer players – potentially help coach?

  • • Due to parent conduct issues experienced in Fall ’23, we will be ordering Team Side / Parent Side – signs – Joanna will be ordering signs.

V. Westlake Soccer Association

Christian Giardini

  • • Holiday Party 2023:
  • – Houlihan’s location – Approved. – However, we need to revisit the menu approved items
  • – 2nd Tuesday – 12/12 12/19
  • – Encourage to coaches to attend.
  • • Team Communications Platform o Feeds info from GotSport.
  • o Has admin function too – EX: Board meeting communications, communications to coaches.
  • o Motioned – 2nd, unanimously approved.

GotSport – Locked in $70/team/year.

Demo – tabled until the new year.

    • • Web Hosting Tool o Several options for pricing presented. $500 1x Fee and we maintain Website.
    • $2500 1x Fee and $ /month – Website Maintenance performed by GotSport.

GotSport also has a website hosting tool now. — Moving away from Sports Engine

  • o $500 1x Fee, we will continue Website Maintenance: Motioned – 2nd, unanimously approved.
  • o Additional Questions, as we continue: Is there a Tournament Plug-in tool? — Dan Kovach – for consideration for WIST.

VI. Fields & Facilities: Larry Wolf

  • • Goals Ordered
  • o 3 sets of rec 4×6
  • o 1 set 7v7
  • o 1 set 9v9

Associated Expense for goals paid for as follows:

Rec Center – Discretionary – $3000

$7800 – WSA

  • • Field Inventory for WIST has started – Barton, Walker – coordination started with N. Olmsted and Bay
  • • Field break down — needs volunteers to tear down – will send an email.
  • o Rec is going to be done by Drew and volunteers at Futsal.
  • o Larry will keep an eye on weather and send out email with dates/times.

VII. Special Programming: Karen Szytec

  • • U8 academy needs more shirts – Karen to order a run of approximately 50 additional shirts – will vary, depending on when a discount will be applicable for a run. Extras will be held for next year (if appliable).
  • • Un1tus
  • – Issues with sizing, still happening. Karen will resolve in person.
  • – Invoicing issue – they let merch leave their store and didn’t collect associated cost, from a WSA family. Asked to be reimbursed – Board will not pay. Isolated incident and their own responsibility to collect.
  • – Additional reversible jerseys needed / available in sizes XXS, XS. Order a run of each as needed – motioned, 2nd, approved unanimously.

VIII. Marketing & Comms: Joanna DeChellis

  • • No Additional Updates

IX. Outreach

Sarah Eckles

  • • Send a card to family of Simon Steley (WSA family, Simon passed away in September) on behalf of the association.
  • • Simone and Andy – Andy’s mother passed away – flowers or donation on behalf (will check to see if donations are listed in the obituary)

Proposed: State of the union (association) – each year send out an update of what we do as an association.

X. Parking Lot items:

  • • Continuation of Discussion: Additional Tournament paid by WSA – will table until fall numbers come in – table until November or January

Proposals for Consideration:

1.) No change

2.) Cover one additional tournament per 12-month year per team, with the requirement that they also go to the Dublin tournament.

3.) Cover one additional tournament per 12-month year per team, without the requirement that they go to Dublin.

Potential Impact: provide up to 500 training x2, 100 x2 team budget, 1000/tournament – $2200/year/team.