Tuesday, May 14, 2024

I.  Review/Approval of April Minutes 

Motioned, 2nd, Approved Unanimously 


Guests:  Dan O’Brien – Director of Coaching, Alex Krystynak – guest volunteer, Paul Darwin – U8 Academy Coach and Rec Coach,  John Gorbach – travel coach, WIST Volunteer


II.  WIST- Board Update 5/14

General Updates

  • 253 teams registered – biggest since Dan has been commissioner 
  • All bracket will have a championship game – no championships will assigned via points
  • Need volunteers to process team forms submitted – John Gorbach and Dan Laux are leading and can help train.  — Christian Giardini, Nick Bell, Karen Szytec – volunteered at meeting – Joh and Dan to connect with each to provide access and instructions.



  • Payments and Paperwork Due 5/15, reminder emails to be sent this week
  • Brad- open payment updates – there are 30 pending.  Avon, Bay, Mentor – tons of teams, big single payments.  East Side Kickers – 10 teams due.  Goal is by Monday 5/20 to see payments from all those who still have balance due. 
  • WIST all hands meeting Monday 5/20 – 8pm Dan’s house
    • Discuss week of needs – logistics coordination
    • Coordinating Field set up – Thursday 23 and Friday 24
    • Larry will also ask for volunteers for field set up via BOD Chat too.
    • Goal movers are at the rec, with the new goals to be built. 
  • POD and Tents 5/20


Schedule Release

  • Aiming for End of the Week, this week.  – Sunday 5/19
  • Shortly after schedule release, Sign-up genius for all Westlake Parent to sign up as tournament volunteers – coaches will be asked to assist, participation is mandatory.
  • Provide final schedule to Referee Assignor .


Volunteer Signs ups

  • Push via email and App
  • Wednesday 5/22 & Thursday 5/23 setup – will be filled first.
  • Girls and Boys High School teams – girls team will work St. Johns, boys team will work Bradley Barton
  • May need assistance in filling volunteer spots during tournament – push message to coaches as needed to fill all volunteer slots.
  • Swag Bag and Ref money help needed – send a sign up genius for parent volunteers to do this at the rec and leave them there.


Field Updates –  Larry /  Joanna

  • Rec – 7 total fields, 11v11, 2 – 9v9, 4 – 7v7
  • Holly Lane – 2 or 3 total fields
  • St Johns – 3 total fields , 2 – 7v7, 1 9v9
  • Barton
  • Walker
  • Porter – 9v9, 11v11
  • Tri-city
  • Lee Burneson – 7v7 (new field dropped in front), 11v11
  • High School – 11v11 


Donations:  Sarah Eckel: 

  • Westlake High School Boys fundraiser.  Requested to put out donation box at Barton Bradley – donate gently used shoes of all kinds (have volunteered that they would sort and remove any items that could be donated to camp Hope, as to not conflict) – motioned, 2nd, unanimously approved. 
  • Camp Hope – Donation boxes at Rec. – Soccer gear – cleats, shin-guards, socks.  Joanna will promote to all WIST registrants, via email.


 III.  Travel Program:  Keith Allen and Sarah Eckel

  • Tryouts – in progress, going well so far.
  • Feedback: Registration was good, sign-in was smoother. Evaluators felt small sided games, after warm-ups/drills, were effective to evaluate players. – easier to see each player in small sided game.  Game situation provides more realistic situations to evaluate. 
  • Sarah – Proposal to expedite player registrations – OHTSL – June 7th is declaration open, July 12th is declaration close.  WSA can send confirmation that players have been accepted to a team, and instructing to register now.  Afterwards and once we have more final numbers for team declarations, Coaches can send team assignments via email.
  • Player development plans – off season to provide for parents
  • Call with Marci Schwartz, OHTSL Director of Coaching, she is offering a variety of partnership opportunities:  building travel coach curriculum, hosting coaching clinics – any topic, closed license sessions – 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 – grass routes – would require minimum attendance. If we don’t have enough, she could schedule an open registration license session – open to coaches who register online.
  • Recently added resources to OHTSL website – Rec Soccer Resources.  Reminder, there is a wealth of knowledge / practice plans on OHTSL – already.


IV.  U8 Academy & Futsal: Kate Shank and Mark Purcell

  • Kate sent update via email – games are going well. 
  • For fall – Boys may move up to 2 teams, girls are at 2 teams for sure. 


V.  Rec Program: Drew Maxfield and Dan O’Brien 

  • Going well.  Dan O’Brien has been working with the coaches – Dan and Joanna send out a weekly email with coaching points, practice plans.
  • Had one rain out – working on rescheduling. 
  • Jerseys / Coaches Shirts are ordered for the Fall.
  • Ref Shirts – need to inventory and potentially an order placed.
  • Rec Goals – will be moved for WIST and placed off to the side
  • O’Brien – complimented the culture at Rec.  Had been a little bit since he attended before this season.  Really feels that its a supportive community, lots of fun and learning happening. 
  • Signs for Team Side / Spectator Side – have improved the culture and set appropriate boundaries
  • End of Season Party 9am -1pm, June 1st – Kona Ice is reserved – one per player: ticket given to coach to pass out to players, backdrop with Photo-Ops (Joanna Ordering)
  • Medals and Cinch Bags – Cinch Bags are good.  Dan Kovach will order Medals.  Brad is checking on tickets
  • Rec – coaches equipment bags – Simone will be there to help collect


VI.  Westlake Soccer Association: Christian Giardini

  • Increasing Travel Program Dues for full season:  We are much below market, $250 for full year. (Medina – $500, Bay $300, Brecksville $795 – additionally, WSA Offers more supplemental training – compared to what is offered on association websites with greater fees).
    • Motion to increase to $300 for the full season 24 – 25, 2nd, unanimously approved.


VII.  Special Programming: Karen Szytec

  • Summer Camps
    • Boys and Girls Varsity Camps are promoted on the website.


  • North FC – Pre-Season Camp in August – this would have to be a paid event, register on the website and collect fees – 2 hours Aug 6, 7, 8, – 10am -12pm. 
    • Larry is exploring with the rec – and we would need to kick back to the Rec. 
    • $80/head, $75 is North Fee. – $5 would be left over for our admin cost and cost to rec.
    • Overage will be paid out of WSA budget
    • Motioned, 2nd, Approved – unanimously 


VIII.  Marketing & Comms: Joanna DeChellis

  • WIST communications covered above in WIST updates
  • Cleveland SC – discount