Tuesday, March 12, 2024

 I. Review/Approval of February Minutes

  • Motion to approve, 2nd, approved unanimously.
  • Guests:  Nick Bell – coaching 1st grade girls, Chris Gallagher – U10 Girls White Coach, Kate Shank – U8 Director and WHS Women’s Coach, Dan O’Brien – Director of Coaching Rec


II. U8 Academy & Futsal: Kate Shank and Mark Purcell

Futsal – Mark gave update via email:

  • Session 1: 82 Registrations
  • Session 2: 95 Registrations


  • 30% Payable to the Rec Center = $4248
  • WSA Profit = $3229
  • North coaching = $4800 for 2 staff every day.


  • North FC have been a truly great Partner and feedback across the board is positive from parents and players, as they’ve really delivered excellent skills-based training.
  • Acknowledgment for our excellent student coaches Colleen Urich, Allison Tabeling and Julie Richards. Colleen has been a huge help for our Futsal program both years, excellent coaching with kids. Colleen is graduating this spring.


U8 – Kate

  • Focus is Coaching the coaches: developing practice plans, emphasis on a single point of training and being repetitive.
  • Need equipment for Boys team.
  • Uniforms will be U8 shirts for the spring – uniforms order for Fall.


III. Travel Program: Keith Allen and Sarah Eckel

  • New OHTSL rules surrounding bracketing meeting and division requests:

-Initial brackets have been announced

– New rule for bracketing meeting – All the pre-work from coaches is required.  If changes are requested, you are required to reach out to a team in the division you’d like to be in and have a trade accepted.

-Schedules are expected week of March 18.


  • Practice Grid, Alternate Options, and Field Changes

-1 field / green space guidance has been followed for the most part.

– Most coaches have reserved space for twice a week.


  • Anticipating field closures, location alternatives

-Reached out TOCA – are working through reserving indoor practice space, paid by the association.

-Green space is also an option. A list with options will be sent shortly.


  • Upcoming coaches meeting – Keith and Sarah will be announcing shortly and communicating to all coaches.
  • Tryout preparation – Keith and Sarah will be meeting shortly, will survey coaches about tryouts, will establish dates, finding volunteers, tentative – week or two before WIST.


  • OHTSL round table discussion in most recent session focused on practice planning and WSA’s thoughts on developing a curriculum for new coaches. – we previously had a coach’s curriculum – more focused on practice planning, than getting someone up-to-speed.  OHTSL offers to help train coaches, Marcy.  Appropriate Milestones for age groups, basic practice plans, goal setting and execution.  – Keith to explore further, received practice plans from Kate


IV. Rec Program: Drew Maxfield

  • Director of Coaching – OB:  Dan, Christian, Drew met; they will do a coach’s clinic April 13 – (facilitating games, game-based practices, ball centric, weekly email coach support/practice plan, build a cohort of coaches) last Saturday prior to season.
  • Coaches vetting (all the background, etc.) – Drew will start sending out to known coaches – many will carry over (teams too) from the fall.
  • Coaches: there is less concern now that coaches will be short
  • Parent’s Side / Coaches Side Signs – Joanna to Order
  • Registration – numbers look like they will be higher than ever.
  • New Rec Goals are here, need assembled and fields laid out.
  • Proposal to add a Rec Skills / Drills – Friday 530-7 – Kate and Drew collaborating to identify feasibility.


V. Westlake Soccer Association: Christian Giardini

  • GotSport App

-All teams must move to GotSport App.  A guide has been sent to coaches.  We should also send this download/user guide out via email and reinforce at the travel coaches meeting to send to parents.

– Rosters need to be cleaned up in GotSport – Dan Laux, Keith Allen, Sarah Eckel, Christian – will clean up.

– Calendar: Events should be added, like board meetings,

  • Senior Night – Christian and Sarah to present scholarship
  • Dollars for Scholars communication – ensure communication from last months meeting was sent: board donation – 1 travel registration, 1 rec registration, 1 futsal, 1 uniform kit – donation


VI. Fields & Facilities: Larry Wolf

Update sent via email:

  • Once weather breaks, I will need help with Spring set-up this year due to logistics that are not traditional.
  • Fields will be in place before game day but no guarantees that they will be in for practices. Weather dictates my life in March.


VII. Special Programming: Karen Szytec

  •  Uniforms – Fit Kits are ordered, need to introduce sizing chart at Coaches Meeting
  • Speed and Agility and Foot Skills:


Spring ‘24


Speed and Agility – Marty Thompson – Spring 24 Sessions Starting Friday, 4/12, 5:30 – 6:30

Foot skills proposals were received North FC proposal was the best – motioned, 2nd, unanimously approved.

$75/hour, 2 coaches, Fridays 6:30 – 7:30pm


We will run Speed and Agility back-to-back with Friday Foot skills, 5:30 – 7:30, starting 4/12


Fall ‘24

Pre-Season Fall ’24 “Camp” (Fitness and Foot skills)

Starting – 7/23 – Tuesday/Fridays 5:30 – 6:30 – two session a week for two weeks, this will then transition into Friday speed and agility.

– Proposal to add an hour-long foot skills to Pre-Season Camp – Joanna will add North – Christian will email dates to Joanna

$25 registration


Following Pre-Season Camp, return to Fridays, 5:30-7:30pm.

Speed and Agility first hour – with Marty, Foot Skills second hour – North FC


  • Vlado – Goalie training Tuesday, Wednesday. 2 sessions each day, 5:30 – 6:30 and 6:30 – 7:30


Coaches Clinic: Joanna will run a Clinic. – Joanna will work on dates – prior to spring

  • Classroom Session (20-30 minutes):
  • Introduction: Brief overview of my background and the session’s objectives.
  • Player Development Framework: Importance, application, and maximizing its benefits.
  • Incorporating Skills into Practice: Discussing practice phases and how to integrate foot skills effectively.
  • Making Foot skills Engaging: Strategies and examples for fun skill development at all ages.
  • Interactive Challenge: Coaches form groups (3-4 members) to design a foot skills session reflecting on discussed concepts (~20 minutes).


  • Break (5 minutes)


  • Gym Session (1 hour):
  • Demonstration: Using my 2013 WSA team as live examples. (Coaches are welcome to bring their own players for a more hands-on experience.)
  • Foot skills Patterns: Showcasing 2-3 preferred patterns.
  • Practical Application: Each coaching group gets 10 minutes to run their designed session, with others observing and rotating in.


  • Classroom Wrap-Up (15 minutes):
  • Discussion: Reflecting on key takeaways and applying insights to our practice planning.


VIII. Westlake Invitational Soccer Tournament: Dan Kovach

  • 33 registrations now, 12 above last year.
  • April – is when registrations typically start.
  • First meeting end of this month – he will send out invites.
  • Kim Murphy – already working on volunteers.
  • Parent Volunteering will still be communicated as mandatory.


IX. Marketing & Comms: Joanna DeChellis

  • Everything is great.
  • WIST and Rec emails are all queued up.
  • Added Contacts for Constant Contact


X. Scheduling – Wes

  • We’re about a week out for the 2-week window open rescheduling window. Be prepared to answer requests from other communities within 24 hours. If you cannot accept the proposed, please provide 3 alternatives.  When proposing a change, please provide 3 alternative date/times.


XI. Parking Lot items: