Tuesday, June 11, 2024

 Guests:  Nick Bell, Michelle Kiss – pending travel asst coach, Kate Shank, John Joyce

I. Review/Approval of Minutes

  • Motioned, 2nd, Approved Unanimously

II. WIST- Board Update 5/14

General Updates:

  • Overall successful Tournament
  • Simax, Kona, PopCorn – kickbacks total ~$11K  (Simax kicks back 30%)
  • Pod is almost empty, but needs to be finished ASAP
  • Any pending WIST expenses need to be complied and submitted ASAP – Survey cost has not been accounted for this year.  Last year was reconciled late as well ~$5000

Lessons learned:

  • More proactive about behavioral issues from: parents/spectators and players. — Empower referees to dismiss those exhibiting poor behavior/sportsmanship. Small sites, remote sites with less volunteer presence were prone to be more problematic
  • Referees – figure out schedules earlier, changes in schedules earlier, telling them they have authority to dismiss problem behavior.  
  • U8 feedback – festival style, had some that brought in club level U8s that fleeced a bracket.
  • U8 – offsides should be enforced, rules state not.
  • Website – from Tourney Central to GotSport – needs to happen long before next year, if we do intend to move away from Tourney Central
  • More proactive communication if a tournament site error occurs – must contact teams directly 

III.  Travel Program:  Keith Allen and Sarah Eckel

  • Tryouts complete.  Players rated by evaluators, Coaches evaluations compared.  Initial Roster recommendations provided. 
  • Rosters conversations with coaches have occurred, when needed to balance teams, numbers, etc.
  • Registrations must be complete before rosters announced.  OHTSL’s declaration process has become much more stringent, making accurate registration required in order to finalize rosters and declarations. 
  • Coaches will be asked to reach out to those who have not registered. 
  • 4 more emails and 6 social media posts about registration will go out, during the remainder of registration window. 
  • Coach availability remains problematic at some age groups. 
  • How do we improve the Try-out process?  Discussion came to the following conclusion to try for our next travel registration/tryout:   Register for Travel First, then do tryouts, then announce roster.  – by having registration completed first we should have a more concrete picture of numbers and can more quickly announce rosters. 
  • Extending Dan O’Brien as a DOC for Travel Coaches ($2500/annual)- Motioned, 2nd, Unanimously approved  – Next Step – Committee meeting, proposal from Dan outlining objectives/goals 

IV. U8 Academy & Futsal: Kate Shank

  • U8 Feedback – survey sent to parents who participated to gain feedback/insight
  • Rosters are heavy heading into U9 – with 2 teams
  • Do not want to split by skill – want to make equal teams
  • Will be more specific about requiring practice plans from parent volunteer coaches going forward for each practice and work with them to improve planning
  • 2024-2025 U8 Academy plan (2017 Birth Year) – U8 academy registration must open at the same time as rec – Dan Laux

V. Rec Program: Drew Maxfield and Dan O’Brien 

  • End of year picnic went great
  • Goals will be put away tomorrow
  • Partnership with OB was great
  • Fall – grade level changing, so a little more work, b/c can’t change over from Fall to Spring
  • Fall will start just a bit later into the fall (did this last year, was more manageable)
  • Drew partnering with Dan – for registration simplification
  • Registration also to open earlier, b/c we are already having inquires, can identify coaches earlier. 

VI. Westlake Soccer Association: Christian Giardini

  • Nick – appointed Futsal – lead, non-board seat
  • Wes – appointed coach credentialing lead to his scheduling board seat.
  • Retiring Coaches (long term) and exiting board members to be recognized at Holiday Party. 
  • Parade – we need to apply for the parade.  Soccer Balls are purchased.  Purchase – candy 

VII.  Fields & Facilities: Larry Wolf

  • Field Box – Adam to Inventory / lead orders to replenish
  • Locker clean-out date: June 29th – 9am start time, Drew will bring his trailer for waste disposal.  Joanna, Sarah, Christian, Drew, Wes 75%. 
    • Joanna is checking with North for donation opportunities for items we may discard 

VIII.  Marketing & Comms: Joanna DeChellis

  • Camps updates – camp is set, North is secured, Simone is reaching out to Kona, Marketing to begin ASAP, Registration is live.  Marketing will go live right after high school camps