Tuesday, January 9, 2024

I. Review/Approval of November Minutes

  • Motioned, 2nd, Unanimously Approved

II. U8 Academy & Futsal: Kate Shank and Mark Purcell

  • U8 – Kate
    Reached out to WSH – Varsity for Volunteer coaching, also partner with North FC. Kate would like to bring a young male volunteer coach to assist the boys. Good attendance 11 enrolled, 7 -9 show consistently. Boys are getting a bit more aggressive and comfortable.Girls – split two teams, equal split for indoor, reassess for outdoor. Thinking equal split still likely for the first spring outdoor season.
  • Futsal – Mark
    Finish first session next Sunday.
    Sign-ups are live for 2nd session – 40 enrolled so far vs 82 total enrolled for session 1
    Coaching partnership with North FC remains positive

III. Travel Program: Keith Allen and Sarah Eckel

  • Team Rostering / Bracketing Conversation / Player SharingHow to most effectively manage our team registration and bracketing requests, while balancing and complying to the new process/request for info from OHTSL.

    The new declaration process is a bigger deal for the fall, after tryouts. While this must be taken into consideration in the fall it is the easier piece to manage. More information to provide: # club players, roster moves from prior roster, competition level for new teams

    Player sharing / guest players are the bigger problem. This will be covered at the coach meetings, going forward. The protocol should be top players on a roster from a stronger division should not play down a division. OHTSL – says “a top D1 player should not play down to a D3.” Strong communication to coaches will be important.

    Additionally, Keith and Sarah will look at number of teams we register, attempting to avoid teams being to lean and preventing difficulty fielding teams on gamedays from the roster. – Attempt to avoid the need to player share when possible.

  • 3 objectives to avoid player sharing complaints:
    Tryouts define top players – these players should avoid guesting down
    Proactive communication to coaches – clear communication of guesting guidelines
    Guidelines about what is too few for a roster – avoid the need to guest
  • OHTSL Spring Team Declarations – open on 1/22 – until mid-March
  • Indoor Tournament in Hudson – via OHTSL

IV. Rec Program: Drew Maxfield

  • Coaching
    Volunteer – Nate Fischer – Getting registration earlier, to ID them earlier and to get coaches carded.
    Can begin Rec registration communications as soon as Futsal Registration ends. Try to gauge coaching interest early.
  • Fields
    Fields are torn down, goals and nets are good. – 3 more sets were purchased, still in transit
    Spring Rec Picnic – planning to begin shortly, updates to come.

V. Westlake Soccer Association: Christian Giardini

  • New Website and Team Communication app through GotSport
  • Website Changing for Sports Engine to GotSport
  • Built out is nearly complete, near ready to redirect to the new site.
  • Need to find the original email for who purchased Sports Engine in the first place:
  • Westlakesoccerinformation@gmail.com – should be used for all purchase and subscriptions, etc. It becomes problematic to manage usernames, passwords, and emails when other/personal emails are used.Team Communication App
    System for communications – Association wide communications, Team communications, news feeds. All information populations from registration via GotSport and team rosters.
    Coaches need trained on using the Apps – offering several 30 minute webinars
  • Capital Committee Met – first meeting occurred.
    Goal to be more forward thinking in how/where we invest money back into WSA and support the mission of WSA
    Player development is a key focus. Working on developing a player pathway from Rec > Travel > Club > High School and beyond.
    Coaching Development is also a focus. Director of Coaching being vacant became apparent, Dan O’Brien expressed interest. Initial will be to support Rec coaches and develop them. Kickoff meetings, practice support / plans, gameday support, weekly newsletter. Could eventually expand to a Director of Coaching for Travel (as well)Strongest potential aspirations is a player development pathway and a coaching development pathway. And facility improvement – to a lesser degree, we can make a bigger impact on players and coaches.
  • Motion to appoint Dan Obrien Director of Coaching with $2500 compensation/year, 2nd, unanimously approved.

VI. Fields & Facilities: Larry Wolf

  • Year End report for Rec Commission is due, need numbers for Rec and Travel Enroll – from Dan Laux, Needs $$ numbers for year end from Brad
  • Tomorrow at 3:30pm Rec Commission meeting
  • Futsal Reimbursement will be determined tomorrow. – will it be per session or for all winter?
  • Any requests from the Rec Department?
    — AEDs (potentially in the works)
    –Consistent message from the rec center regarding field status communication for the general public.

Fields/Facilities Needs:

  • Rec Goal Anchors – need to order
  • Goal Delivery for new goals is supposed to be in 2 weeks.
  • Field Box Supplies (net clips, zip-ties, stakes, etc) – will be inventoried and restocked in Spring.

VII. Special Programming: Karen Szytec

  • Un1tus – in 2024 will require clubs to use fit samples to ensure online orders are ordered in the correct size. Offering 50% off club designed loaners and sizing kits through January.
  • Motioned – Karen can order fit kits/loaners at the discount rate, 2nd, unanimously approved.

VIII. Marketing & Comms: Joanna DeChellis

  • Futsal Enrollment communications finishing
  • Rec will start as soon as Futsal ends
  • Marty will join next month – for speed and agility – comms can follow.
  • Tryouts – save the date


  • Committee will form next month.
  • Will not move to GotSport, will stay with Tourney Central this year.

X. Parking Lot items:


  • Continuation of Discussion: Additional Tournament paid by WSA – will table until fall numbers come in – table until November or January

Proposals for Consideration:

1.) No change

2.) Cover one additional tournament per 12-month year per team, with the requirement that they also go to the Dublin tournament.

3.) Cover one additional tournament per 12-month year per team, without the requirement that they go to Dublin

Potential Impact: provide up to $500 training x2, $100 x2 team budget, $1000/tournament – $2200/year/team

• For Feb – Footskills clinics, Speed and Agility Clinics, Camps / Pre-Season Camps