Helpful Information for Travel Coaches

Coaching Responsibilities:


Our league is the “Ohio Travel Soccer League” or OHTSL.

OHTSL provides helpful information through its website,   Each coach or team manager can log in to the OHTSL website to enter scores.

  • If you are a first-time user, to gain access, go to the “admin” tab and enter the e-mail address you use for aching and indicate that you’ve forgotten your password.
  • Consider adding your cell phone to your profile so other teams can call/text you if something goes haywire at the last minute.
  • Your game schedule is available on under the “Boys” or “Girls” tab > Brackets/Schedule > Community > Westlake.
  • You can find contact information for other communities in the same place by selecting “Division” and then finding the appropriate division for your age group.
  • Remember to enter your game score after each game by going to League > Enter Score

Game Play – General

The general rules of play can be found here:

  • Remember to have your digital player cards easily accessible.
  • The home team pays referee fees, and the amount of fees is on the OHTSL homepage.

There are slightly different rules U9/U10 rules which can be found here:

  • The playout line requires that opposing players must retreat behind the playout line until the goalie releases the ball (on a throw) or until the ball leaves the goal box (on a goal kick)
  • The application of the playout line can be inconsistent. It’s worth connecting before the game with the referee and opposing coach to make sure everyone is on the same page about the playout line, offsides, etc.

Scheduling/Rescheduling and Inclement Weather

Pay attention to e-mails from the WSA Travel Scheduler, as games occasionally need to be rescheduled during the season

  • We have an obligation to try and play all games – if you do not make reasonable efforts to reschedule a game, it may be considered a forfeiture, in which event we are penalized and the game is recorded as a 0-5 loss.
  • Per OHTSL, a reschedule must be submitted seven days before the game is played – no “in week” moves will be approved.

In the event of inclement weather, the Director of Fields will decide on the status of the fields before practice or games.  If the fields are closed, we will update website and get it out on social media as well.

  • If we close the fields for weather, you cannot practice on the fields.
  • Once the game starts, the decision on whether to suspend or cancel a game is the referee’s decision. In the event of thunder, there is a mandatory 30-minute delay (if the delay occurs in the 2nd half, the game will be considered complete).

New Players

At the beginning of each season, we frequently receive unplanned registrations,

  • WSA wants to encourage players interested in Travel to participate, especially at the younger ages.
  • If a new player registers, the Registrar will send the coaches an e-mail so you can determine appropriate team placement.
  • Some teams may be unable to accept new registrations due to the maximum roster limits imposed by OHTSL.  In such an event, please work with the Travel Commissioner and Registrar so we can communicate to the parents.
  • US Soccer guidelines are to create teams based on birth year, rather than grade. Generally, we consider requests to “play up” on a case-by-case basis.