Demon Ball Boys

All male WSA Travel Players are encouraged to volunteer as official Demon Ball Boys for the upcoming Westlake Demons’ soccer home matches.

Below is information to help your daughter enjoy her experience.

Arrival Time

Demon Ball Boys are asked to arrive at Read Field 25 minutes before the match’s scheduled start. Please report to the gate attendant and advise that person that your son is scheduled to be a Demon Ball Boy for the match. He/She will provide your son and one parent free admission to the match.

Suggested Clothing

Demon Ball Boys should dress appropriately for the expected weather conditions. Demon Ball Boys can wear their soccer spikes, boots, or other footwear appropriate for the conditions. Warm hats and gloves are probably good for chilly, late-fall days.

Read Soccer Field Location

Read Soccer Field is the home venue for the WHS Demons.  Read Soccer Field is directly behind Lee Burneson Middle School at 2260 Dover Center Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145.

Upon entry into the stadium wait just inside the entry gate to the right of the concession stand near the field. One of the coaches will welcome the Demon Ball Boys and walk them across the field together while the varsity team is warming up.

The coach will take a moment to introduce the boys to the varsity captains, give the ball boys instructions, and match assignments.

Pre-Match Introduction

The announcer will introduce the Demon Ball Boys’ WSA team name, coach(es) name(s), and individual players before the match. The Demon Ball Boys will then run onto the field with a varsity player during introductions, greet the opposing coach and team, and remain on the field for the playing of the national anthem.  The Demon Ball Boys will then move to their assigned areas of the field.

Match Duties

Demon Ball Boys will be distributed around the sides of the field and behind the goals with extra match soccer balls.

They will definitely get an up-close and personal view of the match from these stations. We will remind and caution the boys to pay attention throughout the game. Varsity boys are quick and strike the ball hard. We want the ball boys to be close to the action but not be part of the action.

Thank You

Volunteering to be a Demon Ball Boy is a great way to support the Demons’ soccer players. The varsity players enjoy having the younger players support them during their matches.